Join the extinction party.

Annoyed Rex Club is a community-driven project of 3210 generative Annoyed Rexes partying on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Annoyed Rex Club NFT holders will be able to stake their Rexes in The Club to earn $IMPACT, the exclusive coin for The Club’s holders. $IMPACT will also be used for exclusive DAO NFT auctions and raffle, for ARC merchandising and for many other features that will be later on implemented.

Owning an ARC NFT means gaining access to "The Club DAO", which is going to provide to all club's members exclusive access to whitelist spots for future projects, giveaways as well as granting active participation in co-writing "The Club’s Lore": a weekly interactive story that will determine the future of the Club and will have a real impact on the staking and airdrop mechanism.

The end of the world is near and the party has started — so wait no further and join The Club!


More than just teeth and fangs.

Each Annoyed Rex is unique and no two are exactly alike. Annoyed Rexes are randomly generated from 139 hand-drawn traits, such as skin, eye color, clothing, various accessories and backgrounds.

Additionally, there are 15 Legendary Annoyed Rexes that were custom created by the artist and contain unique accessories which you will not find in the randomized NFTs. These 15 carefully-designed Annoyed Rexes are the rarest of the bunch and include a Samurai, a Zombie, a King and... Well, we really can't spoiler all of them!


The beginning of a Legend.

Since the very dawn of time, many myths and fables about the Club and its wildest parties have been passed down from generation to generation. Many of these unwritten stories have been lost in the sands of time but, luckily, some survived for us to tell you about. Get your popcorn ready and get to know the history of our glorious Club.

Chapter 1: The Rex Age

Over 70 million years ago, in the Cretaceous period, you had to work hard to survive. The law of the strongest prevailed all over the planet, from the deepest ocean waters to the highest mountain peaks. To guarantee their survival, dinosaur species had to compete every day. It was a matter of life and death.

However, among all the species, only one truly triumphed: The Tyrannosaurus Rex. They were undeniably superior in physical power and their cruelty and ferocity were unmatched. The initial mere physical superiority soon turned into an actual dominion, their hunger was insatiable and it spread throughout the valleys. Lots of blood was shed until even their last rivals were defeated. Many species vanished permanently from the valleys and only a few dinosaurs managed to escape extinction. The Rex Age has started. Thousands of years went by. The earth went through countless changes but Rexes remained dominating.

As most other species had been defeated and subjugated centuries ago, now there was a great desire between Rexes to become the best within their own species. Different parties, gangs, and tribes started forming. Over the years, some imposed themselves over others, some succumbed or were forever defeated. Many "Kings" were knighted and then overthrown as various forms of organized societies came and went.

This division led to extreme differentiation between the Rex population, as over the years each tribe adopted its own habits and practices that later influenced even their physical characteristics.

It is said that some remote and hidden tribes took extremely atypical features: the story goes that some tribes decided to hide in deep caves to escape extermination after being defeated; over the years they allegedly took on the characteristics and the colors of the minerals that populated these caves — but these are all probably just legends…

Chapter 2: The Club

Eventually, something changed: the Rex population was gradually decreasing. Their ancestor’s greed and hunger had led to an increasingly limited number of dinosaurs to feed on. The lack of prey gave onto resentment and tension which often led to fratricidal wars. Hunger took over, but without the strength to fight, hatred and anger soon turned into boredom.

It was in these circumstances that the Club was formed as, with conflicts becoming less and less frequent, a sense of apathy and boredom started to prevail in the valleys. At this point, some unwarlike Rexes decided to establish a club where they could drink, chill and smoke together. A few wooden walls, a thatched roof, and a sofa that had seen better days; that was the place where they gathered. What truly defined the atmosphere was the thick blanket of cigarette, cigar, and joint smoke and the intoxicating smell of alcohol that filled the nostrils as soon as the doorstep was crossed.

The club started as a hangout for a couple of friends, but it soon became famous all around the surrounding areas. Rexes came from neighbouring valleys to join the club and the place was slowly but surely getting bigger and better. Members started throwing the first parties.

Alcohol flowed, the ash from joints, cigars, and cigarettes filled the floor and the music was so loud that it could be heard even from distant valleys. Years later the "Rex Club" became official.

Chapter 3: The falling rock

The Rex Club was living its golden age. But as time was passing old rivalries flared up between powerful tribes which naturally led to an increasing number of Rexes leaving the Club, as the idyllic atmosphere had been broken by hostility and bitterness. Alcohol was soon replaced by blood, cigarette ash by fleshless carcasses, the sound of music by dull chewing sounds. Years went by. The Club appeared abandoned, dilapidated and crumbling. The era of peace it had brought seemed to have came to a natural end.

Something suddenly appeared in the sky.

At first, it was completely invisible, then it became an extremely distant dot, then a small stone that, in some parts of the day, managed to almost block the sun. Only then, Rexes started to pay attention. Menes, tribal chief of one of the Rexes’ most powerful and ancient civilizations, was the first to notice. When he was a child his ancestors often told him about strange fiery stones that fell from the sky. It was thought that some of them even caused the disappearance of entire valleys and mountains.

He soon rushed to consult the oracle, which had never been wrong, both in times of war and in times of famine. Bones were burned and entrails were examined and, unfortunately, the result was always the same: a gigantic catastrophe was about to fall, not only on them but on the whole world. As days passed, word spread throughout the valleys. The huge meteorite, now clearly visible, was on a collision course towards the earth. Tribe Lemuria’s math & physics calculations predicted a probability of impact of 100%. Nobody would be spared.

Wars and disputes soon ended and as a consequence, the desire for blood and flesh faded. An inexplicable sense of unity and tranquillity now prevailed in the valleys. There had not been such a peaceful atmosphere in years. As if connected by telepathy, every Rex had the same thought: The Club. In the very end, they all sensed that they had to throw a huge last party.

Chapter 4: The day of the impact

Thousands of Rexes from all over the world are coming to the Club; everyone knows it’s going to be a grandiose event, a one-in-a-lifetime party. Inside the club, every small detail seems to already be in its given place: large slices of meat of all kinds and species are arranged on long tables; alcohol bottles are everywhere; some Rexes seem to be drunk already, while large clouds of smoke are rising towards the ceiling; tobacco and weed don’t lack for sure. Towards the end of the evening, the place starts to get packed.

Roars and laughter fill up the rooms; hundreds of lights and decorations placed throughout make the space feel alive and vibrant again and the long-abandoned Club now shines as it used to in its old days of glory. The DJ is finally behind the console, ready to make the club dance to the beat of the music. Thousands of bottles are waiting to be opened and just as many cigars to be lit up. Latecomers run towards the Club.

The meteorite is now close enough to fill the horizon, but nobody seems to care. Will this be the end of it all, for both the Club and all the Annoyed Rexes? Or will this be... a new beginning? It’s up to you to find out. In the meanwhile try to make it to the last (or not really?) and greatest party Rexes and the world will ever see.

You really can’t miss this! Join the Club!


The road to The Club.

There simply cannot be an NFT project without a well-built roadmap. Here is what our team has already built and is planning to build in the upcoming future of our community. The road in front of us is long but we ride along together!

Cretaceous Period
The beginning of an empire. Our generative Annoyed Rexes are born on the Ethereum Blockchain and they are already eager to party. The Rexes are drawn with Krita, randomized with Hashlips Art Engine, therefore proudly built with exclusively open-source software.
Meet the tribe
To build a strong community, social media presence is of key importance. In this stage, the official channel and page go online alongside the ARC website.
Rex Empire
This might as well be the very center of the ARC project. In order to bring onboard new Club members, we are planning on collaborating with other NFT projects and DAOs, making social media marketing a key factor in this process. To reward our early adopters, we plan on implementing a Whitelisting program, as well as hosting numerous giveaways with prizes given in both ETH and NFTs.
Join The Club
The day of the impact is here and the Club is ready for the party. Once the minting happens, we plan on publishing the links for official secondary marketplaces for those who were late and didn’t get the opportunity to get into the Club. Will you get to mint a 1/1 Annoyed Rex?
The endless party
Is the looming meteorite really the end of it all?Only members of the Club will get to find out.

Staking and "The Club DAO" will start after the minting process. By staking your Rexes, you will be able to earn $IMPACT, The Club’s token.

$IMPACT will be also used for our exclusive DAO NFT auction and raffle, for ARC merchandising and for many other feature that will be later on implemented.

In addition to this, our DAO is planning to provide to all club members access to prioritized WL spots for incoming projects and access to the weekly interactive story "The Club's Lore, that will  decide the future of our Club and will have a real impact on the staking and airdrop mechanics.
Season Two
Your Rexes will get to be part of a new adventure.

If our community will be strong and resilient enough, we will release the second season project, with an entirely new NFT collection and new storyline (closely related with the first season's lore) that will be totally based on our first season ARC holder’s decisions.

Furthermore, staking both your first and second season NFTs will get you an interesting combo that will result in additional financial advantages and some special and unmissable surprises that we’ll announce as soon as the second season will be up and running.


Any questions?

When will Annoyed Rex Club launch?

After mint

How many NFTs are there and how much do they cost?

There will be 3210 Annoyed Rexes. The price is 0 ETH

Will there be a pre-sale?


Will the collection be listed on secondary marketplaces?

Yes! We will list our collection on the main Ethereum secondary marketplaces:Open Sea, Rarible, X2Y2.

Will there be a token?

Yes, The Club will have its own exclusive token. By staking your Rexes, you will be able to earn $IMPACT, The Club’s token. $IMPACT will also be used for exclusive DAO NFT auctions and raffle, for ARC merchandising and for many other features that will be later on implemented. 

How will the interactive story work?

Let's be clear. Our story won't be only for entertainment, but will have a real life impact.

After minting day, the interactive storyline will begin and every "The Club DAO" member will have a chance to contribute in choosing the Club's fate and having a direct impact on its members' future. But how will this work exactly? Once per week, we are planning on publishing a plotline with multiple continuation scenarios which you can choose from, therefore let the story progress in a specific direction of your liking. During each week you will be able to discuss (and perhaps even argue) with other members of the community about the best plotline outcome, as the decision will always be in your hand. At the end of each week, we are going to pick the scenario that's most agreed upon and, at the end of the month, we will create a new "The Club Lore" chapter that is planned to include all 4 winning scenarios coming from the previous weeks, as well as brand new illustrations for them.

In addition to this, the decision made by the holders will have a real impact on the staking and airdrop mechanism, making our story an integrated part of the utility.

The second season is planned to be entirely based on our holders' decisions. In virtue of this, we are also committed to making sure that every holder will be able to take an active part in the Club’s storyline.

What will the second season be about?

We will release a second season for the project, with an entirely new NFT collection and new storyline (related to the first season) that will be totally based on our first season ARC holder’s decisions. Furthermore, staking both your first and second season NFTs will get you an interesting combo that will result in additional financial advantages and some special and unmissable surprises that we’ll announce as soon as the second season will be up and running And of course the second season will already have a mint price..


Meet the club's founders.


Co-Founder of ARC. Project and Marketing Manager. Early crypto adopter and ARC's ploltline writer. The Club's future will be in his hands.


Co-founder of ARC. Community Manager and Language Mediator. Cultures and languages University sophomore. Polyglot, there is no language she doesn't know, even the Rex one.


Co-founder of ARC and Creative Director. Civil engineering, is also a full-on artist and nerd. He's the Main Artist behind ARC; all the Rexes come from his fairy hands.